Theme # 50 – Toys

In celebration for Columbus Day, a group of Kindergarden children, attending the McNeal Elementary School located in Lakewood Ranch FL,
were tasked to build a boat.The boat could not exceed 12 inches from bow to stern and had to float. They could have family members help them.
What a variety of boats . . .
Each student placed his or her boat in a small tube of water and watched it float as the teacher took photos.

Images: A Girl’s boat (my granddaughter) – A Boy’s boat – group of some Girl’s boats – a group of some Boy’ boats. There were approx 30 boats.  All AWESOME!






Theme # Homemade

On a recent trip to the Florida Keys we stopped for brief rest at the Veterans Memorial Park, located on Little Duck Key, just south of the Seven Mile Bridge.
We noticed this old craft resting in the Park with the following sign:

“In April 2013 this homemade craft arrived from Cuba after 4 days at sea
carrying 17 people, including 5 children.”

I cannot think of what goes through these peoples minds, while miles out to sea.
Will they make it or not?
sign Homemade Cuban Boat 800

Theme # 43 – Single Tree

A single tree takes in a new day.

theme 43 - Single Tree

One early morning, just before sunrise, my wife and I walked along Bradenton Beach to watch the “Early Birds”. It dawned on us (I just put in that word to confuse you) that the sun rises in the East, so we hastily walked to the Bay side to watch the sunrise.  Uff-Da!, a little too late.  This “Single Tree” was already basking in the wake of a new day.

Theme #16 “Frame within a frame”

Four Generations  – The love between Grandmothers, Mothers and Granddaughters is forever!

The love between Grandmothers, Mothers and Granddaughters is forever!

The love between Grandmothers, Mothers and Granddaughters is forever!

My daughter (Karen) wanted to make a special photograph for her grandmother (Nadine) and her mother (Barbara) showing the four generations, from great grandmother down to great granddaughter (Jolie).

The intent was to take three framed photos, each one with a black background, starting with Jolie, then Karen and Jolie, then Barbara, Karen and Jolie, and finally Nadine holding the result.

  1. Karen first started with a photo of Jolie and framed it.
  2. I then took a photo of Karen holding the framed photo of Jolie and printed the result.
  3. I then took a photo of Barbara holding the framed photo of Karen and Jolie and printed the result. (NOTE – Karen wanted to surprise her mother and grandmother, so they were not allowed to see what they were holding.)
  4. Karen then went to visit her grandmother Nadine, holding the framed photo of Barbara, Karen and Jolie.
  5. The result ended up with Nadine holding the finished image.

Now I had a slight problem.  The black cloth background was full or wrinkles and reflected the light in different ways.  Each time I printed the last result of each photo shoot, the overall image started to degrade.  I was not happy.

To to the rescue.  I showed my result to Mindy Towns (a member of the Lakewood Ranch Digital Photo Club and she was also instrumental in starting this 52-Wk Challenge) and asked her how I can fix this.

She offered to edit it and fix it up for me.  WOW!  My daughter and I were very pleased with the result.  Again, many thanks to Mindy Towns.

I must admit one thing.  My daughter wanted to present this photo of four generations to her mother and grandmother on Mother’s Day.  The images were actually taken prior to 1 August, HOWEVER, the image was edited and fixed just recently.  I could not pass up the Theme #16 – “Frame within a frame”.  I may have to take a legal one for this 2015/2016 year.




Uff-da!     (Charlie Brown would say “Good Grief”!)


Our latest 52-Wk Challenge started on 1 August 2015. We are now in Sept and I have not posted anything yet.


Now, where did I leave that camera and my list of themes?

Remember, themes do not have to be posted in order.  I think I will post my first image for Wk #16 “Frame Within A Frame”

Themes 2015 – 2016

  1. A part of me
  2. A worm’s view
  3. Before/After
  4. Biggest fear
  5. Bird’s eye view
  6. Celebration
  7. Circle in a square
  8. Common cliche phase
  9. Complementary colors
  10. Dawn’s light
  11. Descending
  12. Diamonds
  13. Downtown in B/W
  14. Enclosed
  15. Faces in everyday places (Pareidolia)
  16. Frame within a frame
  17. Hate
  18. Hidden from view
  19. Homemade
  20. In the park
  21. Industrial
  22. Laundry
  23. Letters
  24. Loud noises
  25. Low key
  26. Mealtime
  27. Memories
  28. Mirrored image
  29. Moody
  30. Mouthwatering
  31. Neon
  32. Nighttime
  33. Old timer
  34. OMG!
  35. On the river
  36. Out of focus
  37. Part of a whole
  38. Powerful
  39. Rainy day
  40. Rusty
  41. Shades of gray
  42. Silhouette
  43. Single tree
  44. Speed
  45. Spooky
  46. Tell a story
  47. The eye
  48. Three of a kind
  49. Tiny world
  50. Toys
  51. Upside down
  52. Yellow


  • A1. A Kiss
  • A2. Christmas time
  • A3. Nature
  • A4. Patriotism
  • A5. S.O.T.C. (Straight out of the camera)
  • A6. Sunset

Theme #11 – Favorite Room – The “Princess Room”

This is my granddaughter’s Favorite Room. Jolie likes to dress up in her favorite Princess Costumes, at least one of them each day when she gets home from school. Her mother, Karen, decided to decorate her bedroom into a Princess Room.


Jolie dressed up into her favorite four Princess Outfits while her mother took photos of her.
Karen then had a long pillow cover made displaying each outfit.


Jolie and her best friend, Stella, like to play in the Princess Room for hours.


Another view of her Princess Room.


Don’t you girls and ladies wish you had a Princess Room?


Theme #49 – Two of Us

During a visit to the beach, I observed this Royal Tern relentlessly chasing the other one and scolding him/her for something.

Perhaps she/he was saying:


“Stop ignoring me, I am talking to you.”

“I don’t understand why you are doing this to me”.

“If you did not vote, then you have no reason to complain”.

Theme #37 – Rows and Rows of . . . – “Railroad Vines”

My wife and I were sitting on a bench on Bradenton Beach ready to toast the sunset with a glass of Red Wine when I noticed “rows and rows of . . .” near us on the beach.
After a “google search” found out they are called “Railroad Vines – Ipomoea pes-caprae”.
The vine, along with sea oats, is often used in beach restoration and stabilization. It is one of the primary colonizers of beaches. It grows well on nutrient-poor, moist, sandy, or calcareous soils. Thus, it is excellent for beachfront properties.

Railroad Vines

As the time approached sunset, I noticed my glass of wine was missing.


Theme #3 – An Expression of Love – “Love Locks”

Hundreds of couples have come to the Eiserner Steg, a pedestrian bridge across the River Main, in Frankfurt Germany, to show their everlasting love to each other, by attaching a padlock to the bridge (often engraved with their names and the date) and throwing the keys into the river.


My wife and I visited Frankfurt Germany during a “Heart of Germany” Viking Riverboat Cruise on the Main River between Frankfurt and Nuremberg.

While walking across the Eiserner Steg Bridge, we noticed hundreds of colorful padlocks with names and dates locked along the bridge.

After chatting with a local, we learned about the story of couples who wrote their names and dates on the padlock, “locking their love for each other” then throwing the keys into the river.

Apparently this custom started in Europe in the 2000’s.